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There are times when mediation is the perfect solution to a civil litigation matter. The benefit is that it gives the parties a chance to reach a resolution on terms that they – not the courts or a jury – choose. To pursue a strategy successfully, you need an experienced mediator to assist you. William P. Churchill, III P.C., has years of experience in assisting clients to craft a solution that fits their needs and concerns.

As a Georgia mediator, certified in Georgia since March 1997, Mr. Churchill has the following goals for every mediation he undertakes:

  • To save money. It can result in substantial cost savings, since the fees and costs associated with a trial are avoided,
  • To save time. It shortens or completely avoids the litigation process, so that all parties in the case can quickly resume their lives and businesses,
  • To promote dialogue. It gets people talking, and it allows each party to fully understand the position of the other party.
  • To find a solution. A skilled mediator like Mr. Churchill can get things unstuck in a legal sense, so that each party can swiftly agree to an acceptable solution.

William P. Churchill, III P.C., understands that every mediation is different; therefore the strategy that he develops is always based upon the particular facts and circumstances of the case and the parties involved. He carefully considers the legal position and circumstances of the opposing parties so that he can develop the best solution for his clients. He has brought hundreds of cases to a satisfactory conclusion in his almost twenty years of experience in mediation.

For additional information about our ability to assist you with mediation, please contact the office of William P. Churchill, III P.C.